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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Go away NRA!

Major NRA Asshole Charles Cotton

Houston-based lawyer Charles Cotton, listed as a national NRA board member on the gun lobby's website, made the comments in an online chat room he administers called, a discussion board devoted to gun rights and firearms issues, posted online that:
“The South Carolina lawmaker and pastor slain with eight members of his congregation bears some of the blame for his opposition to permitting concealed handguns in church.

(Like anyone in their right mind wants to bring a loaded handgun to a prayer service, besides the racist, flag burning, ignorant, hillbilly loser, piece of shit who shot nine people simply for being Black – “Hoping to start a race war in America” – Charles Manson 1960’s Mentality type shit!)

It seems ludicrous that the Main Culprits who bribe politicians to enact laws that make it easy to arm potential domestic terrorists, crazies, and criminals, and who then simultaneously monger the spread of fear across the nation to promote their own personal agendas, would choose to blame the victims of the Emanuel A.M.E. church shooting in a time of national tragedy and morning.

 It is time to see the NRA as what they truly are. Machine gun toting fanatics whose sole purpose seems to be promoting fear, violence, and racial tension - Opportunistically Hoping for a racial war so they can  say - see, you would all be dead if not for the NRA - when it is the exact opposite - We would be safer today if not for the NRA!