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Saturday, March 21, 2015

True Freedom

True Freedom
by Brian Thomas Armstrong
I have come to set us free
Free from our apathetic lives
Free from futility
Free from the non-existent past
Free to live in the pre-written future
I have come to free us from our own minds
Free us from the lies that they told us were truths
Free us from the brainwashing’s of our youth
Free us from our self-made materialistic obstacles and absolutes
I have come to free our bodies from the chains and chaos of our Earth
I have come to free us and guide us to our true Father’s endless Light
I have come to free us from the darkness that we fight
I have come to teach us how to soar in spiritual flight

Where there is no fear
Where there is no night
Where our souls sail through Limitless light

I am the true Human Being
I have come to set you free
From the Human Animal