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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Social Media Right Wing Trolls – Plus Me!

If you like making fun of Facebook, and Republicans’
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Social Media Right Wing Trolls – Plus Me!
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Social Media’s  Right Wing Trolls

I recently “Liked” and shared an Obama ad on Facebook,
I didn’t think much of it, but I have been giving the Devil his due
lately by laying off on Obama and his faults, and decided to praise
and support him for the good changes and progressions he has
come through on in his lame duck period. Fair is fair. What I forgot
about when I praised the President ( after truthfully badmouthing
 him for two years straight) was all the professional Right-Wing-Trolls
that would immediately personally attack me for simply,  and in a positive
way, speaking my mind. Here is a small rundown of the Republican Nut-Jobs
that serf for other political party’s posts and adds, just to hatefully bash and
bad-mouth them in every way possible,  accusing them of ridiculously
overblown crimes against American society, and even humanity in general for
being a liberal.

Because I didn’t want to waste more time by commenting back to all these Hater Idiots,
I have put some footnotes in brackets under the most ridiculous comments/ accusations.

Barack Obama
The priorities of Congress and the President couldn't be more different. One side wants to roll back the progress we've made—the other is fighting to make a difference in real people's lives. It's time to join OFA and take a stand.
You and 17,722 others like this.
46 of 2,661
Bill Beahan Go to Hell Obama.  ( Wow – What a violent linguistic masterbater he is, I wonder if he jizzed after that?)
Mark Drake the progress obama has made is the destruction of our country ( Destruction??? Look around pall, everything is just fine, comparatively )
Miguel Angel Obama is our hero, one of the greatest Presidents we have had ever. Thank you Mr. President! ( well, maybe not the greatest, but certainly not the worst – they all piss me off in one way or another eventually )
Dameo Boss getfoh this country was built on destruction u dweeb.... ( ???????? Drunk Facebooking?)
Marc Redstone Facebook needs a "DISLIKE" button. No objective person who is paying attention could continue to support this man ( Sounds like this lady is one big giant  “Dislikes everything that  doesn’t revolve around  her “ button)
Betty Sexton God Bless our President!!!!!! ( Well god bless you too nice person)
Bill Albright Roll baby roll ( I’m rollin, and smoking right now in Seattle!)
The Obama administration has been using General...
( Incredible that this highly credible headline is not known on across the National News fronts– Find a new broken record than Benghazi please )
( Really, does silly shit like this keep the Right Winger’s up at night – Do they have nightmares about people using food stamps  –  then wake up screaming in a cold sweat or what? )
Rob Warfel It's not just Congress. In case you haven't noticed, America gave it's opinion on Obama's policies in the last election. Now he's having a temper tantrum.
(It is common knowledge that this is a phenomenon that happens after every lame duck president’s second term,  that Congress switches majority. They know this, they just refuse to view any form of well known political facts if it counters their relentless dogma.  Ridiculious self serving bullshit – Obama knows this to, and I doubt he is that tantrumatic – new word!)
Paul Cornelius marc redstone, do you only oppose obama, or a corrupt system? you dont seem to be a republican as your statement is spelled and punctuated properly. ( OH Oh! A liberal using the same Dis Republican’s use on liberal misspellings – So Wrong! Ezpecialy wen day dooz it to meez )
Mike Hawkins In 2014 the American people rejected the Liberal/Progressive policies of the Obama Administration and it is time for the President to listen to the people and forget his own far left ideology. ( He Won Two Elections Dumb Shit! – Why do Republicans act like the Whole Wide World is mad at Obama, and is the Nation actually  crying for Reagans Dead Corpse to jump up out of his grave and fucking run the country – His wife’s still alive,  I think, maybe not , who could tell before, but if she is, maybe she will run the country a second time because her husband,  the President of the United States is a FUCKING ZOMBIE – Are you Really Shitting Me! Are the up-tight-white-right  political party in America, really that fucking clueless!)
Mark Haynes this man is a bald face liar get him out. (Lie about what? They are always so vague about why they hate!  And name me a President Anytime, Anywhere,  who does not lie-like-a-dog, especially to get elected; I dare you!)
 Ramona Holt you guys need to quit watching the lying buffoons on Faux news! ( Got that right! )
Maurice Williams It's Time!! ( For Morice Day! )
Linda Davis Harding done ( I agree ????? maybe, I don’t know! What the hell do you mean?)
Ray Conkright It is not the color of his skin, but by the content of his character that we hate! ( Yea Right!)
Peter Sommo You belong in Jail ( Jial or Concentration Camp – Just Clerifying. )
Moe Jordan Moe Jordan MOVADO.. ( Don’t know what this means – A watch Company I think???)
Tammy Siebert Schisler You have made NO progress but, you have succeeded in trying to destroy our American Constitution and tried your best to create a divisiveness in the population. You side with terrorists against Americans. You are Muslim and NEVER should have been elected in the first place. God will judge you very soon. ( Side with terrorist, or criticized for Blowing them up and Shooting Osama Bin Laden in the fucking head, which is it hateful brainiac?)
Phil Martin Until and unless we fire EVERYONE in Congress, we're just stopgapping! ( That would sure get Congress doing their Jobs and Accomplishing things for America – Fire Them All! Great solution, and then what, - Fire Everyone Guy?)
Jacqui Huggett What???? TammY? OMG.... so closed in ( I know, I know  Jacqui. )
Bob Rinier Obama's America's #1 enemy. ( Why? They never say anything logical to back up Jack-shit!)
Yvonne Warren We all are with your to make a difference in real people, not only for the selfish ones.
( OK?)
George Ramone Define "progress". (a (1) :  a royal journey marked by pomp and pageant (2) :  a state procession ) Sounds like were in a state of progress to me!)
Sharon Pro Sorry, but Obama's plan for opening up the east coast to oil drilling has me pissed off.
( Not at the Gas Pumps though I bet, you fucking hypocrite!)
Recapture YourLife Great job Mr. President, sir. Please know that I have asked over 2,000 prayer warriors on FB to pray for you and your family and the safety of our nation. May God give you unusual wisdom greater than the wisdom of Solomon to be effective and excellent in all that you put your hands to do. God bless you sir. ( And God Bless You Sir! Positive reinforcement – works every time!)
Phil Anderson Obama is an ignorant POS POTUS ( So now you’re making up your own special words so you and your club can talk to each other over the internet – And no one will ever know what Idiots You Guys Are! Try Again. )
Barb Kane there is noway I would stand for anything this Muslim is doing you people live with your head in the sand you only see black ( Obama was born in Hawaii for Christ’s sake – where do you nuts get this stuff – the worst type of racist is a closet racist!)
Wendell Ware Support our American President, born, educated in the USA. (That is Right Sir! )
Astrid Kiefert-Lehmann this is ridiculous that potus would trash our constitution and tell us to stand with him what a liar ( Here we go again with the secret language so we all don’t know they’re a part of a secret hater club – Secret words are starting to make me feel a little sick, especially when it is very obvious what it really means – cowards! )
Vincent Hare NO, THEY ARE NOT!! That is the misconception that the GOP wants you to think or believe. You are falling right into their trap of ignorance and misinformation. I am by no means saying there aren’t any illegals hear in America that the big businesses...See More   ( Don’t fall into their trap Buddy – Believe me it ain’t worth it! )
ZJ Free I will NEVER support a TRAITOR to the American People...!! ( A traitor lies to start wars on false pretenses, in order to promote and deploy their own personal agendas – You know exactly what the hell I am talking about asshole!)
Joel Hardy Roll back progress? If you like bigger government, higher taxes, a mandated health insurance plan I guess you could call it progress. In my opinion if we continue on this path the signing of the declaration of independance was all for not.......... ( Once again – the definition of Progress: a (1) :  a royal journey marked by pomp and pageant (2) :  a state procession ) Sounds like were in a state of progress to me!)
Roger Dysert Worst president ever! ( Whatever!)
Kevin Lyles Sadly some of my friends have drank the kool-aid! ( What did you do – spill yours?)
JimandBrigitte Malloy Is it not time to join the rest of the civilized world???? ( You must be a human being first – not a human animal!)
Jason Pedrick no way. id rather eat my arm ( Now That’s totally rational. )
Howard Levings SAD - 7 trillion more in debt l PROGRESS ?????????? ( A Decade of War! How do you think it got paid Idiot - That is such a lame broken record!)

Vincent Hare NOPE….Not even close to being right or what I said. But I see Congress is always trying to go to war with someone aren’t they? They will make up a reason, get the ignorant Americans stirred up so they will back their bad decision for self-gain……at the loss of other’s parents.
( True – That’s America! )
Michael Still Nearly double the peoples debt accrued during our entire history as a nation, during one Presidential andministration is quite an accomplishment of progress toward our National insolvency, but unrealistic to ever expect that this progress can ever be rolled back. ( Repeat: A Decade of War! How do you think it got paid Idiot - That is such a lame broken record!)

Vincent Hare Ron, are you even sure why you thin k that way or just because those who don’t like the President because of his race, has duped you into believing everything he did has failed and is against this nation? If so you are the prime example of a blind sheep they hoped you’d be! ( I think we are all blinded to distract us from the real truth – But then again I’m paranoid! )
Brian Armstrong To Ray LaConte - Who needs to be a Republican Troll and insult me personally in a supposed intellectual debate, because I misspelled Ads on Facebook. How petty, vindictive, rude, judgmental, and just a plain miserable way to interact with the rest of...See More ( What a jerk this Brian guy is! )
Dale Etherton Thank you Brian! ( Your Welcome )
Dale Etherton It's clear to me after reading these posts, the majority of these people. Let Fox news do their research. That's a shame, fair and balanced news. What a farce! ( Fox News is to liberal for these guys’ – geez!)
Joan Varholdt Funny that what I usually hear in any political debates are Dems throwing the personal insults..Have you ever listened to Fox news and listened or just MSNBC? Its very easy to see (and if you actually listen to the past State of the Union Address) that...See More ( I still don’t get you Joan! )
Laurie Cavalieri Noyes Brian's entire rant is the textbook Dem response to ANYONE who criticizes them! ( Why thank you, I’m flattered )
Laurie Cavalieri Noyes And yes, thank you, Brian, for proving just how ignorant most of the Obots are.
( More secret club language!)
Brian Armstrong You might think I am an Obot? But you are one hater ass bit*h - why do you guys all get so rude,mean, judgmental and pissed off because other people aren't as hard-assed about anyone else who doesn't conform to your strict and rigid way of thinking - does your group hand out sticks that say insert into rectum now, or else be ostracized. One post about a positive Obama program and all the miserable, hateful opinionated nuts come out of the woodwork to tell me what a horrible communist I am. Look in the mirror and see the hateful extremist looking back at you! This is why I feel sorry for you - and America. ( This guy is so in Love with Himself, it’s sickening!)