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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Marysville School Shooting: It Could Happen Anywhere

Marysville School Shooting: It Could Happen Anywhere 

The Marysville, Wash. School Shooting: Senseless tragedies like these will continue to happen until we not only change the gun laws across America - but also fundamentally change the inherit flaws in our present day society. 

We have to do more together in order to stop the disheartening and increasing trend of gun violence in our communities, now to include our nation’s latest 14 year old “School Shooter, “Jaylen Fryburg. We need to start teaching our kids something more valuable and enlightening than how to run-for-it when someone pulls out a gun and starts shooting. What we as a people need to do, and what we should strive to teach our children, in order to help stop future school, mall, and workplace shootings are:

Teach our children real life coping skills: There were some clear warning signs prior to the Oct, 24th school shooting in Marysville,  Washington , when  Jaylen Fryburg walked into his Pilchuck High School cafeteria, sat down, and then silently stood back up again, emotionless - and unloaded a small hand gun  into six of his fellow students, two of whom were his cousins, is that: He had just Broken up with his girl-friend. Was recently suspended/ kicked-off his football team for a fight with another team-mate over a supposedly racist comment towards him. He was also posting very dark and disturbing social media tweets on Twitter (even for a 14 year-old), weeks before committing his terrible crime on not only his young victims, but also to himself and his family when he took his own life afterwards. It was obvious that he had planned the attack beforehand as an act of revenge.

Teach our Youth the value of life: Jaylan Fryburg was related to a prominent Native American family living on the successful Tulalip Reservation that is located about thirty five miles north of Seattle. The boy was considered popular and happy. Before his fatal meltdown, he greeted other students normally and waited until lunch time to wreak his wrath on his fellow students, plus society as a whole. Making such a huge and aggressively violent  statement about his growing inner apathy with life, its inhabitants, and the seemingly futility of bothering to go through it all expressed in his social media posts, are also a grave and vehement statement about our current American lifestyles, opinions, judgments, and perceptions of others.  The psychological repercussions of our modern lives may be infringing on our youths mental health. Young Americans views on life’s true meanings, and a life’s Non-monetary worth, may be being compromised by our dependence on materialistic technological advances, and large social eccentric personality and inferiority complexes that span across the world-wide-web. We slowly maybe redefining our social public worth to conform to cyber-space social standards - Technology seems to be overpassing some of our citizen’s mental capacities of coping with life’s simple and inevitable ups and downs. 

Keep Guns out of our kid’s hands: Jaylan was recently given a Deer rifle for a present from his parents at the age of 14, and was able to get ahold-of a small hand gun even at his young age. Gun reforms and universal background checks will stem the private sectors Un-regulated gun stockpiles, which are patiently waiting to ironically and legally slip into the wrong psychotic, criminal, or disgruntled hands. But gun control will do nothing to help hold back the illnesses, resentments, and apathetic hopelessness of a troubled human mind.
With increasingly violent games being tolerated by society, and promoted by big money retailers, and over a decade of constant brutal and bloody war being constantly broadcasted virtually in its entirety to grown-ups and juveniles alike, sometimes it seems futile, not to mention hypocritical to think that we are going to simply solve the epidemic of senseless youth violence through a rigorous school Anti-bullying  program. They certainly had bullies when I went to High School in the late 1970s, but I cannot remember one school shooting from that period, let alone a decade’s long series of endless school campus shootings. What we as a society may not realize is that by condoning, fully participating in, and passively promoting these progressively negative daily social norms of war, violence, intolerance, and public apathy mixed in with a strong dose of governmental distrust, that we might also be negatively infecting the future of our nation, with our nations somewhat hidden and under-discussed, or just plain Un-acknowledged social toxins. Unfortunately this makes society culpable and in-directly responsible for our present predicament of murderous and suicidal teenagers and grown-ups alike that seem to decide to intentionally and methodically snap one day, making sure that they take out all the petty cruelties, irritants, and inconveniences of their lives with them, vengefully and seemingly to those around them, without warning.  
Reading some of Jaylen Fryburg’s social media posts below, in hindsight, just like these shootings, they are a warning to the American People as to the need for deep social changes in our attitudes, perceptions, and sense of community. Jaylen’s messages are also a sad young boy’s desperate cry for help that once again fell unheeded with drastic and terribly tragic consequences for all those concerned.

Jaylen Fryburg’s Last Tweets:
Oct 23 - It won't last.... It'll never last.... Oct 21 - If I just laid down Oct 21 - I should have listened.... You were right... The whole time you were right. Oct 21 - It breaks me... It actually does... I know it seems like I'm sweating it off... But I'm not... And I never will be able to...Oct 20 - Alright. You fuckin got me.... That broke me Oct 13 - Fuuuucccckkkkkk you
And several very chilling and ominous posts he made a few months before, that may have been foretelling’s of a dark future - Sept 20th - I'm tired of this shit I'm sooo fucking done!!! I HATE THIS SHIT I Hate Hearin Shit Like That.. It Just Continues To Fuck Me Up I Just Feel Stupid Now.. Exactly What I Thought Was Gonna Happen Happened.. Aug 20 - Your gonna piss me off... And then some shits gonna go down and I don't think you'll like it... I hate that I can't live without you - Your not gonna like what happens next