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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Public Servants or Public Tyrants?

This is how your "public servants" protect and serve themselves - Police and Politicians are only interested in what you can do for them! Otherwise you are just a cash cow to politicians, or cattle for the slaughter to an increasingly militant American police force.

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A St. Louis County police officer, who was seen pushing a CNN anchor during protests in Ferguson, Mo., this week, was suspended from duty after a controversial video surfaced, in which he fashions himself as a merciless killer.

“I personally believe in Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, but I’m also a killer,” said officer Dan Page, a 35-year veteran, in the video. “I’ve killed a lot. And if I need to, I’ll kill a whole bunch more. If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me. I have no problems with it. God did not raise me to be a coward." Page added, “I’m into diversity — I kill everybody. I don’t care."