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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Bought and Paid For U.S.D.A: But Not by the American Taxpayer

A Washington State alfalfa farmer got a nasty surprise when he took his product to a broker for sale; he found out that he’d been somehow GMO’ed on the crop he planted.

The standard test findings by the brokers found traces of “Round Up” resistant genetics in the crop, this was a major blow to the farmer, especially since he was counting on selling the product to a mostly anti-GMO overseas market.

This newest genetically altered organism scandal would have been alarming enough to both the farming community, as well as the consumer, given that the tests proved this incident was not a case of cross-pollination by another farmers  GMO tainted crop, but unbeknownst by the farmer,  was planted from illegal seeds he was sold in 2010 while the crop was banned.

To add insult to injury to the farmer, along with American society, the U.S.D.A neither cared, nor bothered to investigate how something like this could have happened; even though the offending seeds were illegal at the time they were sold to the unsuspecting farmer.

The fact that the United States Department of Agriculture could turn a blind eye to this revelation like a paid off cop during prohibition, also points out how most of us do not have a clue what’s GMO tainted whether it is in our store shelves, or on our American farming fields. Washington D.C has obviously already been bought by the Monsanto Corporation to begin with, just like all the other major corporations have done so in the past with impunity.

Why should the U.S.D.A do anything about GMO’s being silently and illegally filtered in with the rest of the nation’s crop stores so that eventually, everyone will just have to give up their protests and conform because it is already too late to do anything about it.

Everything including our environment and our government is tainted regardless, so why even bother trying to stop it – This seems to be the rationality the Federal government would  like us  in America and the rest of the world to believe in; then we would all realize that resisting the corrupt establishment is futile at best.

I myself would rather still believe in a world without corrupt, self-centered politicians, and that the governments they run should be quickly and efficiently purged of them.  Instead of wasting our time listening to more paid off bullshit from both major political parties, we should all vow to run the crooked bastards out with a simple cast of the vote in 2016 and beyond. That is the true American dream of “change” for our nation, and hopefully will be every election year from now on!